Isaac Aragon & The HEaling

Isaac Aragon & The HEaling

Native New Mexican Isaac Aragon is a young musician deeply rooted in the sacred tradition of blues and soul music. A strong advocate for the use of "music as medicine", he's dedicated to alleviating the aches and ailments within both the body and soul. His authentically soulful vocals helped him to be crowned winner of the 2015 Telluride Blues Challenge. A true soul man, Isaac's politically charged musical message promotes love, peace, and social justice. Open your heart, free your mind... and let The Healing begin. 

    Alex Maryol

    Alex Maryol

    The son of Greek-American restaurateurs, Alex Maryol grew up in Santa Fe New Mexico surrounded by a lively artistic and cultural landscape. Raised on the music of Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and Elvis Presley, he began songwriting during his teenage years while performing at smoky bars and coffee shops in downtown Santa Fe. While primarily influenced by blues greats such as Lightning Hopkins and Buddy Guy during these years, Alex maintained a love for all musical genres from classical to grunge.

    In his early twenties Alex gained notoriety by performing as a blues act at festival favorites such as the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival and the King Biscuit Blues Festival. These years of working in the blues laid a solid foundation for him to expand his ideas in other fields of music.

    Performance: Opening musical act for Etta James, Bo Diddley, Ani DiFranco, Michael Franti, Leon Russell, and G. Love and Special Sauce. Telluride Blues Festival for years 2001 through 2008 with other musical guests such as James Brown, Jonny Lang, John Mayer, Otis Taylor and Buddy Miles.

    The Jir Project

    The Jir Project Band have won steadily escalating acclaim for their multi-dimensional Blues-Rock performances and have a steady fan base through the southwest region. Their sophomore release, “Sun Child” garnered a North American Indigenous Image Award for Outstanding Blues Album. They’ve earned ovations from music devotees along their tour through the southwest and are embarking on new frontiers with the 2016 release of “The Pueblo” album.

    The Jir project approaches music with respect and humor. The trio uses positivity and some ninja skills to create the blues influenced music. “The music is all about the people… we create our set off the vibe the crowd is sharing with us”. We enjoy talking with our audience and putting that back into the performance. “the universe wants us be happy… it really does!”

    The Rudy Boy Experiment

    Southwest Rock and Blues innovators The Rudy Boy Experiment hail from the land of enchantment of Albuquerque New Mexico. The act has become very popular in the western U.S. This 3-piece group features the multi-talented Rudy “Boy” Jaramillo on vocals, as well as lead and rhythm guitar.

    Garry Martin BEasley

    Garry Martin Beasley is a Troubadour of our time, fusing poetry with blues to create a new sound which paints a picture of a life on the road, an ode to gypsy's and vagabonds, a voice for those who have none. Weathered guitars, and sea beaten harmonicas, stomp boxes and tamborine's lend to his soulful and earthy voice which at times is a fiery explosion and others a gentle whisper. His music explores the deep roots of the Delta Blues, his feel is raw and rustic. His sound pays homage to the street musician, a true and seasoned artist of the open road. His passion and involvement as an activist for the environment as well as indigenous rights, and freedom for the poor and working class make there way into his poetic lyrics. This is the blues of a new generation, in times of so much crisis in our world, he is a voice for the oppressed and his music stands for freedom.

    Still closed for repairs

    Still Closed For Repairs is an original Indie-Folk/Americana band from Albuquerque, NM.  They blend acoustic intimacy with energy while telling stories ranging from the personal to the obscure, striking a balance between traditional songwriting and modern progressions and sounds.